About Us

At Masterpiece...Our mission is to provide creative inspiration with canvases that add value to your art.

At the heart of every masterpiece lies the canvas upon which it is crafted. Since 1965, when Anthony Sooklaris laid the foundation for Masterpiece Artist Canvas, our family-owned business has been at the forefront of pioneering the finest quality canvases for artists across America. Over the years, we've not just been manufacturers, but innovators—providing an unparalleled variety that's reshaped the standards of the industry, including being rewarded for multiple patents. For us, "what is custom for others, is standard at Masterpiece."

Recognized as America's premier canvas maker, our commitment to artists goes beyond manufacturing; we exist to inspire and challenge artists with new options, or new aspect ratios, intriguing sizes with a purpose. In short, our products are made to inspire you!  And our vast array of choices allow you to find exactly what you want, or find something you didn't know existed. 

Whether you prefer primed cottons, raw or primed linens, our extensive range of over two dozen surfaces ensures there's a stretched canvas that just right for you. With multiple depths ranging from 3/4" to an impressive 3.5", and canvases inspired by captivating aspect ratios like the Golden Rectangles, Fibonacci sizes, Dynamic Root Rectangles, HDTV sizes, our a unique collection of what we call unique Lost Sizes, which are atypical sizes in popular aspect ratios.  Every artist can a canvas that speaks to their style at Masterpiece.

Our legacy is not just in the canvases we produce but also in the relationships we've built. With a vast network of retailers nationwide, we are as much a part of local communities as we are of the national art scene. Our patented frames, designed to stand the test of time and environmental challenges, are a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection. And it's this commitment that ensures every piece of art on a Masterpiece canvas sees its value elevated.

Just like the many layers that create a finished painting, each layer is essential to creating your finished product. All the details that go into producing one of our canvases is part of the foundation of your painting. Our aim is to provide you with canvas that adds value to your art.  We build canvases that are every bit as impressive as the artwork our customers create.