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Welcome to Masterpiece...the professional's source for the fine quality canvases and related products.  As America's premier canvas maker since 1965, we can provide nearly any canvas you want, including custom. We are also proud to recommend a store near you that may have exactly what you need through our nationwide network of retailers.  For international inquiries, simply chat-us before purchasing and we will convey how to transact and ship your order.

Others call it custom, but we call it standard!  Get over 5000 sizes of Elite canvas in 5 extraordinary surfaces.  Or select from 300 standard sizes of Vincent Pro, Monet Pro, and 3D Pro in a multitude of surfaces, including cottons, linens, oil primed, acrylic primed, alkyd primed, and raw unprimed cotton or linen canvas. 


Our canvas frames are the most robust on the market, and are designed to last for centuries and perform well in all environmental conditions.  We have several patents making our products unique, but more importantly, perform perfectly for you, and serve to elevate the value of your final artwork.

Artists love our vast array of proportions.  You can find canvases based on intriguing Aspect Ratio sizes, like squares, domino, Panorama, Extreme Rectangles, Golden Rectangles, Fibonacci, HDTV, Dynamic Root Rectangles, Palindromes, and an entirely new series called lost sizes, which are totally unique sizes in very familiar aspect ratios. 


We are here for you!  Contact us with your questions, and we will help you select the right product for your next composition and help you find the best retail outlet in a town near you!

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