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Watch this video and learn the quickest ways to locate your products!


  • Click on STRETCHED CANVAS on the navigation bar
  • Scroll down a little, and expand all of the filter options beginning from the bottom (width and length) and work your way up
  • Every selection you make reduces the filter possibilities, which is helpful to refine the choices and help you what you want
  • You can browse the filter options and click on the ones that apply to you.  You can start anywhere you want, Width and Length or Surface Texture, or depth, or canvas style, etc.
  • This process will deliver a short list of products or the exact product you are searching trying to find.


  • Once you have found a single product that is the right surface or the right depth and size, there are additional options to browse around and find something similar
  • Scroll down on a product page, and you will see a header that says EXPLORE OTHER SIZES...  This is a list of other sizes in the exact same aspect ratio as the size you selected.  So if you like that size, you might want to consider other sizes in the exact same proportion
  • Scroll down a little further, and you will see EXPLORE RELATED PRODUCTS...   There are usually several options for Acrylic primed cotton canvas or oil primed linen.  Every one of these options are designed to present an alternative surface or depth in the exact same size you already selected.  So you can browse around and make sure you considered all the options closely related to what you already selected.


We consider an expert to be someone who is already familiar with our products and just wants to find what they want and be done with it.  Once you know the canvas surfaces, you too can become an expert.  Enter the SKU# into the magnifying glass.  How to construct a SKU# = PREFIX-SIZE (no x).  The PREFIX = PRODUCT CODE & SURFACE CODE

For example, VQ-1620 is the code for a Vincent Pro 16x20 Poitiers Oil Primed Portrait Smooth.  "V" is for Vincent Pro, "Q" is for Poitiers Portrait Smooth Oil Primed Linen, and the size has no "X", it's just a series of numbers that is the size.

Below is the PREFIX TABLE.  Not all surfaces are available for every depth. The rightmost column explains why we chose that letter to represent the surface name. It helps to remember the prefix if you know the reason we chose that code.  We tried to use mostly single letter prefices where we could.  If you learn these codes, you can quickly find you want.





  Product Code M V D T E R H  
  Product Monet Vincent 3D 2.5 3D 3.5 Elite Roll Hardcore  Why this Code?
  Depth 1.5" 7/8" 2.5" 3.5" 1.5"      
Surface Code  Acrylic Primed Cotton                
C Carmel MC VC DC TC   RC HC C for Carmel
E Sierra ME VE DE TE   RE   Sierra has an E
M Monterey MM VM DM TM   RM HM M for Monterey
N Napa MN VN DN TN   RN   N for Napa
S Sausalito MS VS DS TS   RS HS S for Sausalito
T Tahoe MT VT DT TT   RT   T = Tahoe
H SHASTA (Elite) VH DH TH EH RH     Shasta has an H
  Acrylic Primed Linen                
A Muir MA VA DA TA   RA HA A for Acrylic Primed
Z Santa Cruz MZ VZ DZ TZ   RZ HZ Z cuz Santa Cruz ends in Z
V Ventura MV VV DV TV   RV HV V for Ventura
Y Malibu MY VY DY TY   RY HY Y = Alkyd which has a Y
  Artfix Acrylic Primed Linen                
D Saint-Cloud MD VD DD TD   RD HD St. Cloud ends in D
U Vintage L22U MU VU DU TU   RU   U = for L22U
G GRENOBLE (Elite) VG DG TG EG RG     Grenoble  for G
P Pau (Elite)   VP DP TP EP RP HP Pau for P
  Artfix Oil Primed Linen                
L Versailles ML VL DL TL   RL HL Versailles has an L
O Vintage L21C MO VO DO TO   RO   O for Oil Primed
I ISOLA (Elite) VI DI TI EI RI     I for Isola
Q Poitiers (Elite) VQ DQ TQ EQ RQ HQ   Q is Similar to O for Oil
  Raw Cotton                
R Raw No12 (11.5oz) MR VR DR TR   RR   R = Raw Unprimed
RE Raw No8 (18 oz) MRE VRE DRE TRE   RRE   RE = Raw Number Eight
RT Raw No10 (14.5oz) MRT VRT DRT TRT   RRT   RT = Raw Number Ten
  Raw Linen                
EC El Capitan  MEC VEC DEC TEC   REC   EC = El Capitan
MA Raw Mandalay  MMA VMA DMA TMA   RMA   MA = Mandalay
ML Raw Mono Lake  MML VML DML TML   RML   ML = Mono Lake
TP Raw Torrey Pines  MTP VTP DTP TTP   RTP   TP = Torry Pines