Stretched Canvas Filter

Published by John Sooklaris on Nov 13th 2023

Masterpiece Stretched Canvas Filter

The search was carefully designed for artists who are new to our products and are unfamiliar with the terminology we use to describe our products. It was also designed for seasoned Masterpiece loyalists who just want to quickly find what they already know they want. It works great on mobile phones and computers. Making a selection in one filter will limit your choices in other filters. You can always de-select, and more product options will appear.

Watch a 3 minute YouTube demonstration

Getting Started

To begin, click STRETCHED CANVAS on the Navigation Bar, and select, All Stretched Canvas. You will then see the filter section.

Product Type

If you know what kind of a Stretched Canvas you want, then make your selection in the PRODUCT TYPE section. If you don't know yet, then leave it blank. You can always filter it down later.

Canvas and Ground

You can select the type of canvas you want, linen, cotton, unprimed, oil primed, etc. Leaving that unselected will give you more options that you can filter out later.

Vegan Ground

If you want to be assured that no animal products are in the canvas ground, then select this option.

Canvas Weight and Style

You can get more specific by selecting the weight of the canvas, or if you know the name of your preferred canvas, you can select it here. If you aren't sure, then you can select more than one and see what comes up.

Canvas Texture

If you want to control the type of surface you want, then select that here, like Portrait Smooth, or Textured, etc.

Aspect Ratio

Here's where it gets fun! Artists are often focused on their familiar sizes, but in reality that size is one of many in the same proportion. For example, if you like a 16x20, then you can select 5:4 Photography, and you can find other sizes, like 12x15, 20x25, 28x35, 32x40, and more! However, you may find lots of other sizes in the exact same proportion that you never knew existed!

Discover Interesting Proportions

  • Golden Rectangles
  • Dynamic Root Rectangles
  • Fibonacci Series
  • Extreme Rectangles
  • Popular proportions like 6:5, 5:4, 4:3, and 3:2
  • HTDV Sizes
  • A whole collection of Lost Sizes
  • Square and Near Square proportions
  • And a whole lot more!

Width & Length

Once you have selected your Aspect Ratio, you can see the available sizes in that series with the specific Width or Length that you desire. However, if you de-select Aspect ratio, you can simply choose one or both of the dimensions you want.

More Product Details

Click the PRODUCT TITLE For More Details. Once you found a product that you want to select, simply click the TITLE of the product, and it will take you inside the actual product. There, you can learn about any BULK BUY offers and get all the details about that specific product. You can see a representation of the exact proportion you've selected, plus you can learn more about that very proportion.

Explore Other Sizes and Related Products

On the product page, you will find a list of (hyperlink) sizes, which are more sizes in the exact same aspect ratio. You may easily navigate to another size by clicking on that size, and then it shows you an entirely new product. This is very handy!

On the product page below the EXPLORE SIZES section, you will see a list of product names categorized by choices, like Acrylic Primed Cotton, or Linen, etc. If you are familiar