133 Inch Elite B2 Stretcher Bar 1-1/2" Deep #B2-133

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133 Inch Elite™ B2 Stretcher Bar 1-1/2" Deep B2-133

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Elite B2 Bar 1.5" Deep is the ultimate 1-1/2" museum quality Stretcher Bar system. Cross Braces may be ordered to create a frame that has multiple cross braces up to 16 crosses for the largest size. Frame support is the most important part of your canvas frame, because it makes it possible to achieve the maximum canvas tension. To add tension to your stretched canvas, simply press the brace keys further into their respective slots.


Elite™ Professional 1.5" Deep B2 Bar • 1/2" Canvas Clearance

A Canvas Clearance of 1/2" is the space between the Bar and the canvas. Generally speaking, more clearance reduces the risk of the canvas touching the wood and creating unsightly lines during painting. Our design provides the optimal clearance so as not to impact your painting, but still leaving enough wood to the maximize strength of the Stretcher Bar.

Finger Jointed Wood is not meant for Stretcher Bars

Solid wood makes the most dependable Stretcher Bar, because one homogeneous wood member is going to behave similarly across the entire length of the Bar. Whereas, with finger-jointed wood is made-up of multiple pieces of wood, sometimes on the actual joint itself, presenting multiple points of failure which no one can control.

We only use Solid Wood to build our Stretcher Bars because a solid piece of wood will last indefinitely. When we speak of archival value, it's not just the paint you use and the quality of your canvas and ground, even the wood choices manufacturers add or reduce value to your final painting. The fact is, you don't want problems, and finger joints only increase that risk of the wood falling apart in the future.

The glue used to bind finger joints is a water based adhesive and when that wood is exposed to high humidity environments, particularly with exterior walls, the glue joints can give-up. As a manufacturer, Masterpiece® does its part to conserve as much wood as possible, and still provide a quality product that will out-perform any other in the marketplace.


Sustainability Promotes Social Well-Being

The forests of the world are a precious resource that must be protected for future generations. By using lumber from sustainably managed forests in our products, we can help to ensure that these valuable resources are preserved and protected. This is not only important for the environment, but also for the social and economic well-being of the communities that rely on these forests for their livelihoods.


Canvas Size Needed for this Stretcher Bar

Most artists will stretch the canvas and attach the staples or tacks onto the back side of the frame. Doing so allows you to paint on the edge and hang your art without needed a picture frame. Generally speaking, you should allow 6 Inches of canvas beyond the size of your frame.

For example, if you were to stretch a 95x133 frame size, which happens to be a 7:5 Aspect Ratio size, your canvas should be about 6 x 139. This allows you ample room to stretch and attach the canvas on the back. Should you ever need to remove the canvas from the frame and re-attach it, it still serves that purpose too. Should you want to attach the canvas from the edge of the stretcher frame, then you can reduce the size of your canvas about 3/4" all the way around the frame.


Rooted in California and flourishing since 1965, Masterpiece® takes pride in its family-led legacy of crafting North America's premier Stretcher Bars. Our quest for excellence isn't just a goal but a commitment, positioning us as the trailblazers in the domain of fine-art canvas. Our innovative patents have set new benchmarks, ensuring our offerings stand unmatched. Dive into the tactile experience of our products, and you'll instantly recognize the distinct Masterpiece® quality, a signature appreciated by both your clientele and future art connoisseurs.


Life without liberty is like a body without spirit. ♦ Kahlil Gibran

With profound simplicity, Kahlil Gibran captures the essence of freedom and its intrinsic connection to life itself. The analogy he draws between life devoid of liberty and a body void of spirit underlines the vital importance of freedom. It isn't just an accessory to life; it's its very essence, the breath that invigorates the soul, and the wind beneath its wings.

Liberty itself can be our unspoken muse. The freedom to create, to express, and to challenge is foundational. Without this liberty, art risks becoming hollow, void of the spirit and passion that drive us. Just as the body relies on the spirit for vitality and essence, our art relies on the unbridled freedom of expression. When we embrace this freedom, we not only enrich our own path in the art world but also inspire those who encounter our creations. This perspective serves as a powerful reminder of the responsibility and privilege we hold: to create, not just for the sake of art but as a testament to the indomitable spirit of liberty.

With an artist's spirit and a modern touch, we bring you this hand-selected quote and provide context to its meaning. To tie it all together, we include our own one-of-a-kind portrayal of Kahlil Gibran. Now let your colors flow!


Tight'n'Up™ Liquid Canvas Retensioner

One of our most celebrated products helps make your canvas tighter! Assembling Stretcher Bars and Stretching your own canvas can present some challenges. While your canvas may seem tightly stretched, the tension may vary from staple to staple creating lines of tension across the canvas in a grid like pattern. The trick is to maintain balanced tension across the canvas.

Tight'n'Up™ Liquid Canvas Re-Tensioner is a great way to redistribute the tension in a canvas across that grid-like pattern of tension as well as increase the tension on the entire canvas. While you can can add tension by keying-out the corners of the frame, it may produce an hour-glass effect by expanding the frame in the corners, and not the center.

With Tight'n'Up™, you can add tension to just a small area, or a large area. Simply spray it lightly on the back and brush it into the canvas, and within seconds, your canvas becomes tighter and stays tighter. The more you use, the tighter it gets. Recommended for acrylic primed cotton or linen canvas. We do not recommend it for oil primed canvas because there are simply too many different types of oil primed canvas, but used conservatively at your own risk, it will tension any canvas.


Additional Details

Canvas and Depth:
1.50 in. Elite Professional
133 Inch

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