4x7 Hardcore Pro Sausalito Plein Air Canvas Panel #HS-0407

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4x7 Hardcore Pro Sausalito™ 11.5oz Acrylic Primed Cotton Plein Air Canvas Panel HS-0407

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Hardcore Pro Canvas Panels are simply extraordinary! Both studio and Plein Air artists will have a field day with these finely made 1/8" thin panels. Each panel inspected and detailed to provide you with the highest quality panel on the market. We seal the front with four layers of sizing and cover the back with vinyl making both the front and back an impervious moisture barrier. We offer 11 glorious canvas surfaces in this 4x7 size, which you can expediently find in the Explore hyperlink(s) below.


True Dynamic Root-3 Proportion - 4x7 Size

This 4x7 is one of our Dynamic Root-3 Rectangle Root-3 Rectangle series.

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Vegan Ground:

There are no animal products that make-up the sizing and the primer for this fine canvas. Historically, traditional canvas grounds have included egg tempura, pigments with cow urine, and of course, rabbit skin glue. In today's rapidly advancing world, there are many more choices available for artists who prefer non-animal based products that perform far better than their animal-based predecessors.


Sausalito™ 11.5oz Acrylic Primed Cotton

Our second best selling surface; heavy weight and body with a rugged and paint-gripping surface texture; great for heavy paint applications and impasto.

  • 100% Cotton 11.5 oz.; Primed Weight 14 oz. per square yard
  • Heavy Weight, Medium Weave, Robust Texture
  • Sized and Double Primed with acid-free archival quality acrylic gesso
  • Impenetrable ground prevents oil paint from leaching through and harming the canvas
  • For acrylics, oils, alkyds, and water miscible oil paints

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Primer Pigment

This primer contains premium-grade Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) white pigment, renowned for its exceptional performance in acrylic priming. Its standout feature is its enduring whiteness, coupled with remarkable flexibility that persists over time. In contrast to other pigments such as zinc dioxide, Titanium Dioxide maintains its resilience, preventing brittleness as it ages. This quality ensures that artworks retain their integrity and will stand the test of time.


Our Hardcore Pro Pro Canvas Panels are the flattest on the market. They are made using MDF (medium density fiberboard) which is the highest quality engineered wood board on the market. Moisture in the board can cause undesirable results to the panel and your artwork, which is why we size the board with four layers on the front before the canvas is mounted, thereby defending against moisture getting into the board and underneath your artwork.

Canvas Panels should be as flat as possible, otherwise, they don't display well in a frame, and can create spaces between the artwork and the frame. A bowed panel is also a sign of having been impacted by the effect of moisture. Canvas can shrink, even after it is mounted on the board. For this reason, Masterpiece® developed a unique proprietary process that stress-relieves each panel, thereby virtually eliminating the bow that is commonly found in competing panel products. Hardcore Pro Canvas Panels provide a stable foundation for your art.


Panel Porter™ wet carriers are the most secure and versatile on the market!

  • Mix and match to make any size carrier you want!
  • For this 4x7 sized Panel, you could buy one pair of 4-Inch and one pair of 7-Inch Panel Porter
  • You can then combine these sizes with other size Panel Porters™ to create an entire new wet panel carrier.
  • Each carrier securely transports two wet panels
  • Metal locking pins secure frame together to protect your precious artwork
  • Carry Panel Porters™ in your bag or backpack to match the panel sizes you paint
  • Assemble frame carriers after you have completed your paintings
  • Air holes in the corners allow your painting to breathe while drying
  • Panel Porters™ are great for shipping your artwork
  • Masterpiece® makes over 75 standard sizes of canvas panels, so with Panel Porter™, you are liberated to paint sizes you've never tried before and still have an economical and secure carrier to match

Each panel is inspected and detailed before it's packed for shipment, so you are assured in receiving a very well constructed panel ready to create your next composition. Masterpiece® Hardcore Pro Canvas Panels . . . truly professional in every way!


I will show Your Excellency what a woman can do. ♦ Artemisia Gentileschi

Artemisia Gentileschi, a trailblazing artist of the Baroque era, faced a myriad of challenges in a world dominated by men. But rather than succumb, she rose, using her immense talent and indomitable spirit to shatter conventions. Born in Rome in 1593, Gentileschi navigated the complexities of being a female artist in a male-centric society. Her resilience was forged through personal and professional adversities, including the widely publicized trial of her mentor, who was accused of violating her. Yet, she did not let this define her. Instead, she channeled her experiences, both the pain and the triumphs, into her art, resulting in powerful, evocative works that echoed her strength and determination.

Artemisia's resolve is an emblematic reminder of the challenges and barriers that artists, especially women, have historically faced and continue to face today. Her audacious spirit challenges us to relentlessly pursue our vision, irrespective of societal expectations or limitations. Through our art, we, too, have the opportunity and the platform to assert our worth, share our narratives, and underscore the boundless potential that lies within each of us.

Creativity is the reason you have landed on this page. Enjoy our own portrait rendition of Artemisia Gentileschi and the spoken words and meaning we provide. Now..go paint!


Additional Details

Canvas and Depth:
Hardcore Canvas Panel
Weight and Style:
14.0oz Sausalito A/P
Canvas and Ground:
Cotton Acrylic Primed Vegan
Tooth and Texture:
Textured Tooth
4 Inch
7 Inch
Aspect Ratio:
Dynamic Root-3

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