4x4 Hardcore Pro Saint-Cloud Plein Air Canvas Panel #HD-0404

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4x4 Hardcore Pro Saint-Cloud™ Acrylic Primed Artfix Linen Plein Air Canvas Panel HD-0404

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Hardcore Pro Canvas Panels are simply extraordinary! Both studio and Plein Air artists will have a field day with these finely made 1/8" thin panels. Each panel inspected and detailed to provide you with the highest quality panel on the market. We seal the front with four layers of sizing and cover the back with vinyl making both the front and back an impervious moisture barrier. We offer 11 glorious canvas surfaces in this 4x4 size, which you can expediently find in the Explore hyperlink(s) below.


True 1:1 Square Proportion - 4x4 Size

4x4 is a popular small size square size.

The square is perhaps the most intriguing proportion, as it is root of all of the other proportions. It is commonly used in both photography and art. Squares are typically used as the center canvas of a triptych or as a single canvas hung at a 45° angle. The square proportion is long used with medium format professional cameras, and most photographs we see on websites and social media are based on square images. Since all sides of the canvas are the same length, your eye is drawn evenly across the surface of the painting creating a sense of harmony, balance, and a generally a pleasing visual experience. The square format is also a good choice for artists who focus on geometric shapes or patterns in their work, as the regularity of the square shape can help reinforce these elements. Some artists enjoy the challenge of working within the confines of a square format, as it forces them to think creatively resulting in intriguing compositions.

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Saint-Cloud™ Acrylic Primed Artfix Linen

Strong fine weave medium weight linen. Hand-primed to have a consistent homogenous surface tooth. It has a bright white tone.

  • 100% Belgian Linen 6.1 oz.; Primed Weight 13.9 oz. per square yard
  • Medium Weight, Closed Weave, Medium Texture
  • Double Sized and Double Primed with acid-free archival quality acrylic gesso
  • Impenetrable ground prevents oil paint from leaching through and harming the canvas
  • For acrylics, oils, alkyds, and water miscible oil paints
  • Linen has natural oils that prevent disintegration over time.

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Primer Pigment

This primer contains premium-grade Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) white pigment, renowned for its exceptional performance in acrylic priming. Its standout feature is its enduring whiteness, coupled with remarkable flexibility that persists over time. In contrast to other pigments such as zinc dioxide, Titanium Dioxide maintains its resilience, preventing brittleness as it ages. This quality ensures that artworks retain their integrity and will stand the test of time.


Our Hardcore Pro Pro Canvas Panels are the flattest on the market. They are made using MDF (medium density fiberboard) which is the highest quality engineered wood board on the market. Moisture in the board can cause undesirable results to the panel and your artwork, which is why we size the board with four layers on the front before the canvas is mounted, thereby defending against moisture getting into the board and underneath your artwork.

Canvas Panels should be as flat as possible, otherwise, they don't display well in a frame, and can create spaces between the artwork and the frame. A bowed panel is also a sign of having been impacted by the effect of moisture. Canvas can shrink, even after it is mounted on the board. For this reason, Masterpiece® developed a unique proprietary process that stress-relieves each panel, thereby virtually eliminating the bow that is commonly found in competing panel products. Hardcore Pro Canvas Panels provide a stable foundation for your art.


Panel Porter™ wet carriers are the most secure and versatile on the market!

  • Mix and match to make any size carrier you want!
  • For this 4x4 sized Panel, you could buy two pair 4" Panel Porters
  • You can then combine these sizes with other size Panel Porters™ to create an entire new wet panel carrier.
  • Each carrier securely transports two wet panels
  • Metal locking pins secure frame together to protect your precious artwork
  • Carry Panel Porters™ in your bag or backpack to match the panel sizes you paint
  • Assemble frame carriers after you have completed your paintings
  • Air holes in the corners allow your painting to breathe while drying
  • Panel Porters™ are great for shipping your artwork
  • Masterpiece® makes over 75 standard sizes of canvas panels, so with Panel Porter™, you are liberated to paint sizes you've never tried before and still have an economical and secure carrier to match

Just put one of these impressive Hardcore Pro Canvas Panels in your hands and you will immediately recognize and appreciate the quality of our materials, workmanship, and design, as will those who will ultimately acquire your art.


I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ♦ Michelangelo

Michelangelo, one of the most acclaimed artists and sculptors of the Renaissance, possessed an unparalleled ability to breathe life into stone. His creations, whether in frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or in magnificent statues like David, were more than mere artworks; they were manifestations of an intense internal vision. This statement, profound in its simplicity, encapsulates Michelangelo's approach to his work: an unyielding pursuit to unveil the beauty that lay dormant within raw materials.

For artists, this sentiment underscores the importance of vision and perseverance. Within each canvas, piece of clay, or raw block of marble, lies a masterpiece waiting to be revealed. Our role, much like Michelangelo's, is to diligently work, nurturing our skills and harnessing our passion until the vision is realized. Michelangelo's teaches us that with patience, every stroke, cut, and revision brings us one step closer to unveiling the beauty that already exists, just waiting for the right hands to set it free.

The spirit of artistry is inspiration and creation. We too are inspired by the wisdom of this quote and hope you are inspired by our interpretation thereof, as well as this inimitable portrait we created of Michelangelo. Go create!


Additional Details

Canvas and Depth:
Hardcore Canvas Panel
Weight and Style:
13.9oz Saint-Cloud A/P
Canvas and Ground:
Linen Acrylic Primed
Tooth and Texture:
Medium Fine Tooth
4 Inch
4 Inch
Aspect Ratio:
1:1 Square

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